Chez Groupama, on s’entend

Groupama Paris Val de Loire

chez groupama on s’entend

With one in ten people in France suffering from hearing impairments, Groupama Paris Val de Loire would like to prioritise access to its services by offering a solution tailored to the deaf or hearing-impaired in order to provide those affected with greater independence.


The welcome and advice provided, as well as the quality of service, are at the heart of Groupama Paris Val de Loire’s priorities and customer-orientated initiative. We are developing online services, mobile apps and local services in our branches. We now offer tailored support, from the start of business relations to handling a claim, for members who have reduced hearing or who are deaf.

Thanks to two options offered by our partner Acceo, namely instant transcription of conversations and Visio sign language interpretation, members who have reduced hearing or who are deaf can easily communicate, in complete confidentiality, with their Groupama advisor and they can be confident that they will be able to understand what their advisor is saying.

Access to the internet, a webcam and a microphone is all that is needed to be able to access GPVL services by telephone. It is also easy to arrange a meeting with an advisor in a local Groupama branch. The customer connects to the Acceo platform, by videoconferencing using a tablet, and the interpreter translates the conversation in real time, depending which option has been selected.

Thanks to this innovative technology, members with hearing problems say that they feel less isolated and more independent. “It’s a real relief, I don’t feel alone” says one member of the Montdidier (80 Dpt) branch. He adds, “I feel at home during a conversation, just like I would in any normal situation.”