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GROUPAMA backs SCOR capital increase

Investisseur - 6 novembre 2003


Groupama has decided to back the operation by subscribing for a number of shares equal to its stake in the company, i.e. 18.8 % of the capital, and…

Groupama: proposed legal restructuring of Central Mutual

Investisseur - 10 juillet 2003


The Board of Directors of Groupama’s Central Mutual, meeting under the Chairmanship of Jean Baligand, has approved the implementation of plans for a legal restructuring of the Groupama…

Jean-François Lemoux is appointed General Manager, International Branch

Investisseur - 7 février 2003


« I would very much like to thank Michel Beauchesne for his outstanding work in laying the ground for the Group’s international expansion. The determination and professionalism he has…