With more than 100 years of history, our Group is now one of the leaders of the insurance industry. Our ambition? To support our customers at every key moment in their lives, thanks to highly specialised expertise and know-how.

3 brands

A complete range of insurance and banking and financial services

Strong positions in France and abroad

  • €14,3 billion in combined premium income
  • 19% of premium income generated abroad


  • No. 9 general insurer in France
  • No. 1 agricultural insurer (as % of total premiums)
  • No. 1 insurer of public authorities (in number of insured municipalities)
  • No. 1 insurer in individual health (in premium income)
  • No. 2 home insurer
  • No. 2 protection insurer
  • No. 3 direct insurer with AMAGUIZ (in number of customers)
  • No. 4 motor insurer
  • No. 4 in group insurance


  • No. 4 non-life insurer in Hungary
  • No. 4 insurer in Romania
  • No. 9 non-life insurer in Italy
  • No. 7 health insurer in Turkey
  • No. 2 non-life foreign insurer in China

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