A particularly successful year for Groupama

TThe Groupama Group enjoyed many successes in 2015, first and foremost in terms of business line profitability and activity: we restored our margins, in both life and health insurance and non-life insurance. We are also pleased with our excellent performance with respect to the Accord National Interprofessionnel (National interprofessional Agreement, or ANI): we led the way in this area in 2013 and have sharply increased our volumes of new business in group policies. The previous year was also one of transition regarding the
application of Solvency II, a test we passed with flying colours.

The year 2015 represents an important achievement, from the standpoint of the challenges that we successfully overcame, but also a jumping-off point for the future. We have introduced a new approach to customer relations. It is more focused on customer satisfaction – as such, we have adopted the same practices that contribute to the success of the new economy – and has started to produce results wherever it has been implemented.


The key challenge for 2016 is to remain on course while continuing to grow in a difficult and competitive market. We will naturally have to rely on our internal capabilities and on our distribution networks in the regions.

But in a fast-changing, complex environment, a combination of cross-over expertise and experience is absolutely essential. We thus concluded two landmark partnerships, one with Renault Group, the country’s leading car
manufacturer, and the other with Orange. Through this alliance of two well-known, trustworthy brands, Orange and Groupama, we will pool our banking and insurance expertise with Orange’s know-how in mobile technology and means of payment.


Our challenge is that of growth. We can count on modern technological platforms, in which we have invested heavily, and even more on motivated and dedicated employees.

Business line & profitability – Thierry Martel