Fédération Nationale Groupama

Its missions

• Defines the Group’s general strategies and verifies their implementation.
• Acts as an Agricultural Trade Association at the national level.
• Ensures the promotion of mutualist principles within the Group.


A federation organised around key bodies

Chaired by Jean-Yves Dagès, the Fédération Nationale Groupama consists of various bodies:

General Meeting

The General Meeting is made up of 374 delegates (40 per metropolitan regional mutual and 14 for the overseas mutuals and specialisedt mutuals).

Board of Directors

The Board is made up of 47 directors (5 representatives per metropolitan regional mutual and one representative for each of the two overseas mutuals). Two representatives from the Young Farmers organisation also sit in on meetings.
The Board of Directors holds discussions and approves the strategies presented by the Executive Committee. The Board’s work is supported by research and discussions held by the committees.

Access the details of the members of the Federation’s Board of Directors

Executive Committee of the Board of Directors

The Executive Committee has 18 members. It includes a chairman, a deputy chairman, a deputy vice-chairman, 6 vice-chairmen and 9 members.

Chairmen’s Committee

The Chairmen’s Committee, made up of the chairmen of the metropolitan regional mutuals. They are also directors of Groupama Holding and Groupama S.A.