The Mutualist Orientation Council

The mission of the Mutualist Orientation Council is to define the general orientations of the mutualist group and to oversee its implementation. Composed of 49 members, it brings together 5 representatives for each of the 9 regional mutuals (the Chairman of their Board of Directors, as well as 4 members nominated by them from the members of their Board of Directors) and 1 representative from each of the 2 overseas mutuals and 2 specialised mutuals (the Chairman of the Board of Directors).

The Board members

  • Jean-Yves DAGÈS – Chairman
  • François SCHMITT – Deputy chairman
  • Daniel COLLAY – Vice chairman
  • Jean-Pierre CONSTANT – Vice chairman
  • Marie-Ange DUBOST – Vice chairman
  • Walter GUINTARD – Vice chairman
  • Michel L’HOSTIS – Vice chairman
  • Jean-Louis PIVARD – Vice chairman
  • Laurent POUPART – Vice chairman
  • Monique ARAVECCHIA – Bureau member
  • Jean-Louis LAFFRAT – Bureau member
  • Joël LAFONTAINE – Bureau member
  • Patrick LAOT – Bureau member
  • Didier LALUET – Bureau member
  • Jean-Yves LE DIOURON – Bureau member
  • Rémy LOSSER – Bureau member
  • Pascal POMMIER – Bureau member
  • Denis ROUMÉGOUS  – Bureau member


Jean-Louis BARTHOD, Ingrid BERNIER, Dominique BOUCHERIT, Marilyn BROSSAT, Christophe BUISSET, Denis CALIPEL, Brigitte CASTELLUCCI, Chantal CETTIER, Luc CHEVALIER, Isabelle CHOPIN, Jacques-Charles CHRISTOPHE, André DAZIANO, Stephano DIJOUX, Françoise GUIHARD, Nathalie HAUCHARD, Patrick HENRY, Alain HUET, Guy LAVIGNE, Sylvie LE DILLY, Yves LESGOURGUES, Jean-Christophe MANDARD, Pierre MARTIN, Jérôme MATHIEU, Daniel MÉRIGOT, Alain PUECH, Claude ROBERT, Karine TOURAINE, Benoît VAUXION and one to be announced by Groupaman Nord-Est and one to be announced by Groupama Centre-Atlantique.