Désensibilisation au Risque Inondation

Groupama Assurances Mutuelles, Groupama Supports et Services et les caisses régionales

  • Goal

Better control our exposure to flood risk and limit this exposure to our market share.

  • Solution

Give the commercial the means to know in an automatic way the level of flood risk to better accompany his member/prospect.

  • How it works

Once the address of the property is entered into the tool, the sales representative is aware of the level of flood risk.

Groupama relies on an expert, the MRN (Mission Risques Naturels). The MRN proposes an indicator called “MRN vigilance limit” which allows each address to be qualified as to the level of flood risk (very low, low, medium, high, very high) according to an algorithm but also according to the claims data communicated each year by the insurers in the market, members of France Assureurs.

The commercial can thus adapt his speech and his pedagogy to the customers.

  • Added value

The commercial capture tool is directly linked to the API provided by MNR, increasing operational efficiency and reliability of risk level information.