Groupama - 2017 : a year in motion

a year
in motion

Our world is changing with the development of connected cars, the rise of collaborative activities, new work-related customs and practices, the popularity of different types of flexible working, and technological responses to societal challenges. Groupama is also evolving, to help customers adapt to these changes.


from Groupama SA and 7 subsidiaries from the Paris area will gradually move to the Groupama Campus by 2021.
This urban campus covering 55,000 m2 signals the start of a new dynamic—an agile and collaborative way of working that will spread across the Group. The Campus will encourage synergy and offer real quality of life at work.

Picto Développement

A development

G-Evolution, 100% owned by Groupama Assicurazioni, aggregates the data collected from connected devices in vehicles. By carrying out analyses and identifying target profiles, G-Evolution helps to fine-tune our offer to Italian customers.

La Tour

A new kind of tower for Total at La Défense

Total has chosen The Link for its new headquarters in 2022. Developed by Groupama Immobilier, the project will feature 2 towers connected by 32 link platforms—each with a hanging gardens and stairs for 2 duplex floors. By combining a friendly atmosphere with an efficient workspace, The Link will become the emblem of a changing urban quarter.

Logo Techstars

Groupama sees triple at Techstars Paris

Techstars, which has already helped 1,000 start-ups worldwide, was launched in France in 2017.
As a partner, Groupama reunited 10 mentors, leaders and executives to help 10 start-ups. The event led to
3 opportunities for a long-term partnership: Eyelights, the first GPS system to use augmented reality for motorbikes; Lovys, a single platform for insurance subscriptions; and SnapSwap, a digital solution for relationships with bank-insurance companies.

connected cars

are insured by Groupama Assicurazioni (25% of the portfolio of the Group’s Italian subsidiary). This exponential growth has been fueled by innovations such as the Travel Store device within the My Angel app. By recording driving habits, good drivers are rewarded with reductions in their insurance premiums. The connected car is also making progress in Turkey and Romania.

Picto Signature Electronique

Moving away from paper with electronic signatures

Some 500,000 contracts were signed electronically in 2017, with a further 1 million expected in 2018. Already used for motor, home, property and life insurance, along with policies for the farming sector, electronic signatures have now been extended to real estate investment. Expertisimo, a Groupama’s subsidiary, has become the first company in the sector to offer this facility.

Appareils Nomades

mobile devices

The new multi-risk home insurance policy from Groupama includes cover for the repair or replacement of mobile devices such as phones, laptops and tablets—even when taken outside the home.

Picto Cycliste


New forms of mobility, extended guarantees

From car-sharing to car rental among individuals, French people have discovered a taste for alternative, more collaborative forms of mobility. To reflect these trends, Groupama is extending the guarantees of its leading car insurance contract, Conduire, without extra cost and any formalities.

Picto Noe

looks after seniors

To help elderly parents stay in their homes for longer, Groupama has launched Noé, the first remote assistance offering that includes a real social network. The insured member is provided with a tablet computer and a watch that, if pressed or in the case of a fall, immediately sends an alert to a support service.

Picto Agriculteurs

Working with
biogas farmers

Groupama has signed a partnership convention with AAMF, the French association for farmers with on-site biogas plants, to support the long-term development of the sector. By sharing know-how, farmers can be made more aware of the risks involved in biogas production.


in France hosted after-work recruitment events organized by Groupama, featuring some surprise workshops.
Going beyond a formal discussion of a person’s CV, the sessions were an opportunity to really get to know potential candidates. Another innovation has been to turn a recruitment session for sales representatives into an escape game.

Picto Guichet Unique

Brokerage has its
own outlet

Aimed to the Paris offices of major national insurance brokerages, the new Groupama Courtage division complements the activities of regional mutuals.
It strengthens the Group’s presence in the brokerage market for small businesses, major companies and local authorities.

Monde Agricole

Supporting the agricultural sector

After Climats, a multi-risk insurance policy which covers farmers against the effects of weather events on their crops, the Group has launched Objectif Stabilité, which provides protection from the moment that seeds are sown. In 2017, 16,000 hectares of crops were insured with this policy.

Picto Equipe Cycliste

Welcome to the Groupama-FDJ cycling team

Groupama has moved into the world of professional cycling by becoming the joint partner of the Groupama-FDJ team, managed by Marc Madiot. Harnessing the strengths of 2 highly-renowned corporations is a real opportunity to create a French team capable of challenging the very best in the world.

Picto Travailleur Isolé

Insurance for
isolated workers

Branded by Activeille, a Groupama subsidiary that specializes in personal safety, the connected Dati Watch enables someone working out of sight or earshot of others to highlight a risky situation to a Groupama center for remote assistance.