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Partnership Cegid Group - Groupama S.A.

Analyst - 25 October 2007


The project is articulated around the joint development and distribution of innovative, collaborative tools to advisory firms, in particular CPAs, and to other businesses so as to meet…

Groupama gains a foothold in Romania

Analyst - 18 October 2007


BT Asigurari is the 9th largest non-life and the 12th largest life insurer in Romania, with a market share of 4% and a premium income of €60 million…

Groupama publishes its 2006 life embedded value

Analyst - 10 September 2007


Key highlights 2006 Groupama France International Embedded Value (EV) 4 751 (MCEV) 4 462 (EVT) 289,6 New Business Value (NBV (1)) 57,5 42,8 14,7 NBV / APE…

2007 half-year results : Good Performance and Vigorous Activity

Analyst - 29 August 2007


Jean Azéma, Chief Executive Officer of the group, said: “The good performances of this half year and, specifically, the improvement in the combined ratio of Groupama S.A. to…

Groupama acquires Greek insurer Phoenix Metrolife

Analyst - 8 March 2007


Phoenix is one of Greece’s leading insurance companies. In 2005, it was ranked no. 2 in the non-life segment with 7.8% of the market, and no. 8 in…

Groupama S.A., in exclusive talks (Phoenix Metrolife)

Analyst - 16 February 2007


Groupama S.A., Emporiki Bank and Crédit Agricole S.A. announce that they have reached an agreement on a definitive list of key terms and conditions for the acquisition by…

Green light for the project to open up the sharecapital of Groupama S.A.

Analyst - 24 February 2006


*present or represented Following this extraordinary general assembly, Jean-Luc Baucherel, Chairman of Groupama, declared: “Groupama is determined to safeguard its future and is firmly resolved to continue its…

Groupama acquires Basak Sigorta and Basak Emeklilik, Turkish insurance companies

Analyst - 2 February 2006


“We are extremely happy with this success. It will allow us to significantly strengthen our presence in Turkey”, declared Jean-François Lemoux, Managing Director of Groupama International. “This acquisition…

Groupama S.A. : Specialised committees set up

Analyst - 24 February 2005


The men in question are Frédéric Lemoine, 39, Jean Salmon, 57, and Philippe Vassor, 51. These appointments raise the number of directors from 13 to 16, i.e. 11…

SCOR capital increase

Analyst - 6 January 2004


In accordance with the regulations in force which require the shareholder to specify its intentions when the 20% threshold is exceeded, Groupama states that it does not intend…