Regional mutuals, full-function companies

The Group has 9 metropolitan regional banks, 2 specialisedt mutuals and 2 overseas mutuals.

A network close to local challenges

The Groupama Group relies on a network of:

  • 3,200 local mutuals;
  • 9 metropolitan regional mutuals;
  • 2 specialisedt mutuals (Misso and Tobacco Producers);
  • 2 overseas mutuals (Antilles-Guiana and Indian Ocean).
Carte France caisses regionales - 2015

As authorised mutual insurance companies, the regional mutuals’ main aim is to reinsure the local insurance mutuals adhering to its bylaws and to facilitate their operation. They have their own sales networks of employees and handle customer relationship management.

 Structures that guarantee mutualist values

The regional mutuals are the foundation of our mutualist organisation and make it possible to establish a genuinely close relationship with policyholders. They all share the founding principles of the Group’s mutualist model. The regional mutuals come together for discussions within a shared body, the Fédération Nationale Groupama, which represents all members.