2,900 local mutuals facilitating dialogue in the territories

1 person = 1 voice

In the mutual insurance system, members elect their representatives at the local level, who in turn elect their representatives at the regional and national levels. All major decisions are first considered collectively in general meetings, board meetings, committees and working groups.

• More than 300,000 members participate each year in the general meetings of local mutuals. They approve the accounts, are advised of Groupama’s new offers and services, and are encouraged to make comments and suggestions.

• 34,500 directors are elected to represent the 2,900 local mutuals. The local directors, who are all volunteers, act as the interface between customers and the company in order to improve the quality of offers, services and benefits.

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Being a member means:

• Being able to give an opinion

• Having expectations heard

• Sharing with the regional mutual’s employees

• Participating in the local mutual’s events

• Voting to elect the member representatives

• Gaining visibility into the company’s activities

• Participating in the Annual General Meeting, allowing you to approve your local mutual’s accounts and take place in topical discussions

Being an elected representative means:

Being the representative and the link with the members

• Giving an opinion as a customer or member representative to update the offering, to ensure that it meets expectations

• Contributing expertise to Groupama:
– to update prevention measures
– to assess damage as part of the intervention of the local mutual’s claims commission
– Contributing skills following professional or extra-professional experience

• Supporting members when things get rough

Personal enrichment

• Exchanging with other people and other professions
Source of friendly interactions

• Developing relationships with other organisations, schools, communities, etc.

• Relying on current partnerships and developing them
Participating in training

Becoming involved in the life of Groupama and the local mutual

• Sharing knowledge of the geographical area corresponding to the territory of the local mutual as a local contact

• Contributing to Groupama’s development in its sector

• Participating in decision-making in the local mutual

• Developing team projects within the Board of Directors

• Referring to the participation of representatives in developing the regional offering

• Having sources of additional information about Groupama (Extranet, Groupama magazine) and using it as a tool for discussion on the local mutual’s board of directors

• Becoming involved in updating tools specific to representatives

• Actively participating in the evolution of the Group’s operation, both locally and regionally