Decision-making bodies

The Groupama Group has adopted a governance model that combines the heritage of mutualist values and the operating principles of major European groups.

The Group has a governance method that empowers everyone involved within the organisation. Members elect their representatives at the local level (38,000 representatives), who in turn elect their representatives at the regional and national levels.

The directors, who are all policyholders, control all the boards of directors of the entities within the mutual insurance group. They select the managers, who handle operating activities.

The elected representatives thus participate in all of the Group’s decision-making bodies, whether local, regional mutuals (9 regional mutuals in Metropolitan France, 2 overseas mutuals and 2 specialised mutuals), or national bodies, through the federations and the boards of directors of Groupama S.A. and its subsidiaries.

Since 2003, Groupama has had three central structures:

  • Fédération Nationale Groupama, whose members are Groupama regional mutuals. Its duties are to define the general strategies of the mutual insurance group and verify their application, act as an agricultural trade organisation at the national level and promote mutual insurance principles within the Group. Fédération Nationale Groupama is a non-profit association in accordance with the French law of 1901 (“association Loi 1901”);
  • Groupama S.A., which directs the operating activities of the Group and its subsidiaries, is the reinsurer for the regional mutuals and has become the central body of the Groupama network since the law of 26 July 2013 on the separation and regulation of banking activities;
  • Groupama Holding: the function of this intermediate entity is to ensure the financial control of Groupama S.A. by the regional mutuals, by combining all their equity interests.

The entities share the same chairman and the same Executive Management to ensure greater consistency.

Board of Directors of the Fédération Nationale Groupama

The mutual insurance group’s major strategies are defined by the Fédération Nationale Groupama

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Groupama S.A. Board of Directors

The 14-member Board of Directors, chaired by Jean Yves Dagès, is responsible for determining the strategies for Groupama S.A.’s business, ensures that they are implemented and oversees the functions performed by the management.

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Groupama S.A. Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of 12 members and brings together representatives of Groupama S.A.’s main departments and the CEO on a bimonthly basis.

This body has several duties:

  • drawing up, approving and implementing the operational strategy of Groupama S.A.;
  • assisting the CEO of Groupama S.A. with the management of the company;
  • steering the Group’s French and international subsidiaries.

As the entity that prepares and approves the operating decisions that are the responsibility of Groupama S.A., it sets the major priorities for the work of the various departments of the Company and monitors the implementation of these decisions.

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Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee is made up of the Managing Directors of the regional mutuals and the Senior Directors of Groupama S.A.. It is chaired by the Company’s CEO. It meets each month and may meet more often when the situation so requires.
Its 20 members:

  • participate in the preparation and operational monitoring of the Group’s strategy;
  • implement the strategy in the Group, ensuring the operational coordination of all the entities’ business activities.

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