Groupama and Franck Cammas :
The strength of trust

Since 1997, Groupama and skipper Franck Cammas have won the most impressive honours in competitive sailing. A human adventure in which Groupama has managed to provide the know-how of a mutual insurer: cautious and ambitious, protective and competitive, grounded in reality and looking towards the future.

The meeting with Franck Cammas was a determining factor in Groupama’s choice. This young skipper, 25 years old at the time, with promising potential, needed a partner for a long-term commitment. Very quickly, Groupama saw the talent of a great skipper in Franck and has continued to support him through thick and thin ever since, illustrating the Group’s ability to support projects over time and the importance of the human dimension in all its actions.

For 18 years, the story of Groupama and Franck Cammas has been one many successes at the greatest ocean races around the world. This special relationship with one of the most talented skippers of his generation has led to an outstanding track record, from the Route du Rhum to the Volvo Ocean Race as well as the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Atlantic record and the Jules Verne Trophy.

This commitment, which is unique in sports partnerships, is the result of a relationship of trust established on the basis of Groupama’s everyday principles: proximity, solidarity and loyalty.

Much more than the simple “usual” role of sponsor, Groupama quickly chose to make a long-term investment by supporting a strong dynamic of innovation. Over the years, different boats, all from the Groupama design office, have collected victories on every sea around the globe: ORMA trimaran, maxi-trimaran, trimaran monohull and hopefully the AC45 and AC50 soon.

In 2015, Groupama decided to support Franck Cammas in his ultimate quest, one that captures the imagination of the world and France: The America’s Cup. With Groupama Team France, Groupama is demonstrating its trust that France will return victorious.

Thierry MARTEL

Aware that projects require trust, loyalty and innovation, all of which are essential values for its business as a mutual insurer, Groupama continues its long-term support for its sailing programme to provide resources that match Franck Cammas's talent

Thierry MARTEL
CEO of Groupama S.A.

Franck Cammas’s honours aboard Groupama boats, a successful relationship

An unwavering commitment and an unconventional story between a sailor and his partner…those are the ingredients that have allowed Franck Cammas and Groupama to add to an exceptional collection of honours.

  • Six-time ORMA champion (60ft multihull – Groupama 1- Groupama 2)
  • Three-time winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre (Groupama 1 – Groupama 2)
  • Six records, including the Jules Verne Trophy in 2010 (Groupama 3)
  • Winner of the 2010 Route du Rhum (Groupama 3)
  • Winner of the 2012 Volvo Ocean Race (Groupama 4)
  • Winner of the Tour de France à la Voile in 2013 (Groupama 34)
  • World Champion – Class C in 2013 and 2015 (Groupama C)
  • Named “Sailor of the Year” in 2012 and 2013

Groupama Team France: One for all, and all for the cup

On 25 June 2015, Groupama announced the creation of Groupama Team France, a French challenge looking to win the 35th edition of the America’s Cup. The thorough transformation of the spirit of the event, its sporting format and the scaling down of necessary resources (boat and crew size reduction) now allows the best teams and countries to compete, and not just the richest ones.

A project to bring the entire nation together, supported by three exceptional sailors: Franck Cammas, Michel Desjoyeaux and Olivier de Kersauson, in a sporting approach but also a technological, economic and popular approach. This challenge seeks to unite the nation – not just sailing enthusiasts – around a project of national pride, flying the flag for France.

Groupama Team France will promote the excellence of “Made in France” and an entire economic, technological and sporting sector, a showcase of French know-how. The country prides itself on training the best engineers in the field of sailing, who are at the forefront of all major international teams. France is the number 2 maritime region in the world. Yet no French crew has ever won the America’s Cup. Groupama is helping to change that.

Members of Groupama Team France

Franck Cammas

© Eloi Stichelbaut / GroupamaTeamFrance

Franck Cammas has built up an outstanding track record, moving with sometimes disconcerting ease from multihull to monohull, from solo to crew, and from races around the world to Olympic events.
From these victories, the Groupama skipper has built a confidence that now pushes him to go even further and aim for victory at the America’s Cup.



Michel Desjoyeaux

© Eloi Stichelbaut / GroupamaTeamFrance

In the world of solo sailing, there is not one sailor in the world who has achieved as much as this man. Alone on board, he is one with his boat. He has never stopped innovating in all areas of a boat’s performance, from structure to electronics. His arrival in Groupama Team France alongside Franck Cammas is an obvious choice: the best of the solo sailors with the best crew, racing for a common, national goal.



Olivier de Kersauson

© Eloi Stichelbaut / GroupamaTeamFrance
© Eloi Stichelbaut / GroupamaTeamFrance

The pioneer of multihull and an emblematic figure in French sailing brings his authority, unparalleled experience and vast knowledge of the America’s Cup to Groupama Team France. Olivier de Kersauson has always been passionate about this competition and the fervour that drives the teams involved in the conquest of the oldest sporting trophy in the world.