A responsible player in the ecological transition

We have initiated actions to further reduce our environmental footprint. We thus wish to continue our efforts and decrease our CO2 emissions in line with the energy transition law (2015) through energy efficiency, investment policy, developing our forest assets and economic use of resources (energy and paper consumption, travel, etc.).

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Groupama's forest assets: a carbon sink

The Groupama Group is one of the leading private owners of forests and the number 2 insurer of forests in France. All forests managed by Groupama Immobilier are PEFC-certified (certification guaranteeing sustainable management of wood resources in forests).

The Group is a pioneer in evaluating carbon storage in forests. In 2015, for the first time, a study demonstrated that these forests play a carbon sink role. These carbon amounts have been stored in forests or have been avoided through the use of wood products from these forests.





Groupama Turkey: renewable energies

In the insurance sector in Turkey, Groupama is the first company to have its own “Guarantee of Origin” green energy certificate for its own consumption as well as a building certified LEED Gold.

Since 2012, Groupama Turkey has decided to use renewable energies, of all kinds, for the energy consumption of the head office and its regional offices.
Groupama entered into an agreement with the company Demirören-Axpo. The energy comes from a hydroelectric plant in Norway, allowing Groupama to become the first company in Turkey to use renewable energy from a European source. Under this agreement, Groupama has been able to hold the “Guarantee of Origin” green energy certificate, a European instrument for traceability of electricity.

Head office of Groupama Emeklilik & Sigorta in Istanbul

In addition, the Plaza building, Groupama’s head office in Turkey, is the first building in the insurance sector to earn the LEED Gold Certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) issued by the US Green Building Council. Several standards are required to earn this certificate: energy consumption, air conditioning, building architecture, insulation, etc. With 61 points, the Groupama Plaza tower earned the Gold certificate.

Amaguiz, the Road Coach

Amaguiz, a brand of the Groupama Group, has launched a new connected offering to reward drivers whose behaviour at the wheel is “virtuous”. Policyholders are thus encouraged to use eco-responsible driving habits to reduce their annual premiums.

Predict Service

Groupama’s ambition is to initiate appropriate, innovative insurance solutions in response to climate change issues. The Predict prevention and alert service for local authorities, launched in 2011 in partnership with a subsidiary of Météo France, equips all Groupama-insured municipalities (1 out of every 2 municipalities in France) to deal with weather events.

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