A partner working in solidarity with communities and regions

Proximity is at the heart of Groupama's operations, through its decentralised organisation and its businesses firmly established in the regions. They enable an ongoing dialogue between elected representatives, members and customers, employees and stakeholders.

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The fight against rare diseases

For the last 15 years, Groupama has contributed, in conjunction the Groupama Health Foundation, to the fight against rare diseases (research support, information about rare diseases and support for patients), which is one out of three public health priorities, along with the fight against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Since its creation, the Foundation has supported 29 researchers, 550 projects and 160 associations. We wish to intensify our support for research – including medico-social research, through the partnership with Necker Hospital established in 2015 – and further mobilise our elected representatives and employees around this commitment.

Granvillage : a local social network for entrepreneurs

In addition to insuring its members and customers, Groupama showcases and promotes them. In several regions (Ile-de-France, Centre, Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, Picardie and Bourgogne), a website has been set up to create a link between members (merchants, craftspeople, etc.) and consumers in each region.

Like a social network, Granvillage allows producers or craftspeople to post information about their companies as well as commercial offerings related to their business. Consumers can then consult these posts and choose whether to take advantage of these direct sale opportunities.

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Support for the collaborative economy: WeFarmUp, GwenneG and crowdfunding sites

The Groupama Group values local partnerships that are working for the economic and social development of the territories. In particular, the Group monitors the collaborative economy closely.

For example, in 2015, the Group established a partnership with WeFarmUp, a website for equipment rental between agricultural professionals. Certain companies of the Group have taken an interest in crowdfunding, through partnerships with crowdfunding sites.

The Health Foundation and the social innovation award

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Each year, the Groupama Health Foundation awards a Social Innovation prize to support innovative initiatives and actions aimed at improving the daily lives of people with rare diseases.

In 2015, Dr Isabelle Kone-Paut was recognised for her project to develop an app for real-time measurements of the activity of four autoinflammatory diseases or hereditary recurring fevers.



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