A caring employer committed to collective success

For a number of years, beyond the quality social status (social protection, employee savings, etc.), Groupama has made many commitments as a responsible employer in line with the social issues of CSR.

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Reverse mentoring - Digital Tuesdays

RSE-RH Formation
With regard to digital, the Group’s companies organise opportunities for employees to meet and exchange through “Digital Tuesdays”, implemented particularly within Groupama Loire Bretagne and Groupama S.A.. Employees have been made aware of numerous topics such as uses of Twitter and SEO. Groupama S.A. started the reverse mentoring experiment in connection with this, offering young people the opportunity to contribute their digital knowledge during these training sessions.



Work/study training fairs

RSE-RH alternance
In 2016, five work/study training fairs were held in France to facilitate recruitment for nearly 600 work/study training and internship contracts offered each year within the Group. During the fairs in Paris, Rennes and Strasbourg, participants were also able to receive support from coaches: advice on CVs and interviews, and social networking coaching.
The 8th edition of the Grand Prize for HR Creativity. The Group was awarded the bronze prize for its 2016 jobmeetings in the “Events Communication” category.
This recruitment event for sales personnel enabled candidates and recruiters to meet at Groupama agencies.


Group Opinion Survey

The biannual Group Opinion Survey assesses changes in the level of employee engagement (71% in 2014, +6 points compared with 2012). 2016 is the 5th edition of the Group Opinion Survey.

Groupama is also a major employer in the territories, where multi-disciplinary, decision-making teams work to serve performance for customer satisfaction.

Safe travels at Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne!

In 2015, Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne initiated a major project on professional road accident prevention. Through this approach, with significant economic and human stakes, the regional mutual set a goal to reduce employee exposure to road risks and to prevent accidents.

A long-term professional road accident prevention plan sets out three major goals:

  • have no accidents to report, with injury,
  • reduce the rate of responsible claims to a maximum of 50%,
  • help reduce the number of km travelled by 1 million (currently 11 million km/year).

As proof of the entire company’s involvement, the Management Committee signed a charter on 25 April, proposed by the Steering Committee, through which each signatory makes a pledge to incorporate the road accident prevention policy into the goals of his or her department.

At the same time, the company is rolling out alternatives to limit travel:

  • Sametime, installed on individual computers, enables videoconferences to be organised for up to 10 people.
  • The various sites are equipped with videoconference rooms. For example, in seven months, the implementation of two videoconference rooms, in Roanne and Puy-en-Velay, has already produced concrete results: 13,000 km and 190 hours of working time have been “saved” compared with holding physical meetings

'Oc sans choc' and 'Anti'choc' at Groupama d'Oc

Each year, the employees of Groupama d’Oc travel nearly 20 million kilometres at the wheel of 750 company vehicles.

In collaboration with the Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT), Groupama d’Oc decided to reduce road accident risks as much as possible by implementing a regional road accident prevention plan. Each quarter, employees who use company vehicles receive “Oc sans choc”, a newsletter providing tips for managing their vehicle and information about the risks associated with driving.

The intranet has also been enriched with an “Anti choc” section with tips and quizzes on prevention.

Lastly, training programmes (Préventis Pro and Conduite Sécurité) are offered to employees who do considerable amounts of driving.

Eco-responsible with the paperless pay slip!

The staff payroll and administration shared services centre offers employees of GSA, Groupama Gan Vie, G2S, Gan Assurances, Gan Patrimoine and Gan Prévoyance an electronic pay slip service, along with a personal safe.
Each employee of these companies has access to an electronic safe (free and secure) and his or her pay slip is sent to this safe online.

54.6% of eligible employees (3,904 people) have already opted for the paperless pay slip.
Employees can view, download, print and send their documents in just a few clicks wherever and whenever they want.

The advantages?

  • No lost documents,
  • 10GB storage capacity for personal documents (for life, including after leaving the company),
  • An eco-responsible system: The paperless pay slip reduces paper consumption. It is a concrete action that fits into the Group’s sustainable development policy.

A guide for family caregivers

The Groupama Group provides its employees with an information guide on family caregivers, showing its commitment and support for these employees.
The goal of the guide is to:

  • help caregiving employees become aware of their status,
  • inform them of their rights,
  • provide help and solutions to support them in their everyday life by letting them know about available resources.

GNE offers its employees an e-learning module on safety

Employee safety is a priority for Groupama Nord-Est and training employees is an integral part of its prevention policy.

Since May, an e-learning module on safety has been offered. It aims to inform employees of the preventive measures to be respected in the company as well as what to do in case of an accident. It gives each person better awareness of the professional risks present in the workplace and allows them to limit the impacts on their work while sharing best practices during a team meeting or at a dedicated time with their manager.

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