Our commitments

Strong with its values and its territorial anchoring, the group places the human being at the heart of its actions. To incorporate the sustainable development into its commercial activities and into his relations with the stakeholders is part of its daily commitment: our CSR (Social responsibility of Companies), what each can make for all

We believe the CSR approach is a key factor in our employees’ commitment and motivation, in innovation, operational efficiency and the reinforcement of the quality of our relationship with external and internal audiences, thus building confidence.


Groupama is committed

The Group has adopted a new plan for 2016-2018. Its objective will be to mobilise the entire group around CSR with high added value, to the benefit of our stakeholders.


A CSR strategy in 4 workstreams and 8 commitments









Ethics charter

The main objective of the ethics charter is to unite and mobilise employees around its values of proximity, commitment, performance, and solidarity. It defines the Group’s commitments in terms of ethics, such as:

  • acting in respect of the confidence given to us by our members
    and customers;
  • promoting the development of individual and collective talents
    of employees;
  • affirming our mission as a socially responsible, community-oriented

The ethics charter also defines the responsibilities of the ethics committee, made up of the Group’s senior executives, which meets twice per year.

Sailing sponsoring – Groupama & Franck Cammas

On November 12, 1997, Groupama signed a first sponsorship deal with Franck Cammas, a promising young sailor in his mid-twenties. Initially, the adventure between the insurer and the skipper was supposed to last only four years. It will continue for 20 years, building, over the years, one of the most beautiful pages in the history of Groupama and allowing the pair to build an exceptional prize list record.

Further information on Sailing sponsoring – Groupama and Franck Cammas, 20 years of history


Cycling sponsoring – Groupama-FDJ cycling team

On December 6 2017, Groupama announced its arrival in the world of professional cycling by becoming a joint partner of the Groupama-FDJ team, managed by Marc Madiot. Bringing together two highly-renowned French corporations, an unprecedented move in professional cycling, it provides a remarkable opportunity to create a French team that can compete at the very highest level.




Groupama foundation

For Groupama, to commit to the health of the insured is not limited to reimbursement of healthcare.
The Groupama Foundation’s
objectives are to fight against rare diseases and provide support to patients for more than 15 years. Since its creation, the Foundation  165 associations and 33 researchers.
Further information on Groupama health foundation


Gan foundation for cinema

For Groupama, the social commitment also involves the support to artistic creativity. The Gan Foundation for Cinema is one of the two foundations of the Groupama Group, demonstrating its social commitment for many years by supporting artistic creation. The Foundation is strongly linked to the identity of the Gan brand (one of the three Group brands), which supports those who “dare”, those who set about doing something.
Further information on Gan foundation for cinema