Life and health insurance



Individual health

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With a portfolio of 1.1 million policies at the end of 2017, our Group is the leading company in the individual health market (in terms of premium income, excluding the “Mutuelles 45”). The teams continually devote time to developing innovative products that respond to regulatory changes which could shake up the healthcare market.


Individual protection and other insurance


On the individual protection insurance market, our Group continues to be the leading player in an increasingly competitive market. It is the second-largest player in the everyday accident market.


Life insurance – Individual savings/pensions

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The Groupama Group has committed all of its networks to design and market innovative individual retirement and savings products. They are regularly updated and enhanced so that they continue to perform better.

Group insurance

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The Groupama Group continually demonstrates its know-how and capacity for innovation in a market transformed by major regulatory changes. On a healthcare market structured by the spread of supplementary health insurance to all employees since 1 January 2016, we have put in place a proactive conquest strategy, offering scalable, accessible solutions.