2014 Annual Results

19 February 2015


Strong improvement in operating income

Business growth consistent with the strategy

  • Group premium income of €13.6 billion
  • Selective development in France
  • International growth

Substantially stronger technical and operating performance

  • Improvement of the combined ratio in non-life insurance to 99.0% (-1.8 point)
  • Increase in the share of unit-linked policies in individual savings inflows to 38.1% (+9.5 points)
  • Further reduction of general expenses by more than €100 million in 2014
  • Significant growth in economic operating income to €129 million (+€119 million)

A net profit of €257 million
A solid solvency margin of 253%, up 53 points compared with 2013

Jean-Yves DAGES

Backed by its mutualist commitment, the Groupama Group demonstrated its ability to gain ground in 2014, even in an unfavourable economic environment. Its solid fundamentals allow us to tackle 2015 with a spirit of achievement and innovation, in keeping with the pioneering spirit that Groupama has always driven

Jean-Yves Dagès
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupama SA.
Thierry MARTEL

In 2014, with a very sharp increase in its operating income, Groupama confirmed the successful mobilisation of all group employees to serve its customers and members and the growth in its operational efficiency. In 2015, not only are we continuing this selective development strategy by capitalising on a unified, modernised information system within the Regional Mutuals, but we are also mobilised to prepare for the future through digital innovations and an active partnership policy

Thierry MARTEL
Chief Executive Director of Groupama SA.